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A great baker appreciates quality ingredients. 


 "Organic Whole Wheat Flour" (Peace Country Milling & Grains - Sexsmith, AB)

Freshly ground, organic whole wheat flour, ground from the finest grains grown in Northern Alberta on certified organic land. Farm to Table. From our family to yours.

Vanilla Extract (Tribal Vanilla - Calgary, AB)

Vanilla extract is an essential ingredient in many desserts, especially baked goods like cakes, cookies, brownies, and cupcakes, as well as custards, ice creams, and puddings.  Pure vanilla extract contains several hundred additional flavor compounds, which are responsible for its complex, deep flavor. Today, vanilla is produced in only a few climatically similar regions near the tropics.  Because of the way that vanilla extract is made (i.e. by macerating naturally brown vanilla beans in alcohol), there is no possible way for it to be colorless or clear. Therefore, any "clear vanilla" flavoring is artificial. Many vanilla extracts from Mexico have been diluted with tonga bean extracts, but these contain a chemical called coumarin. Since 1954, the FDA has prohibited the use of coumarin in food. Tribal Vanilla extract contains only the best ingredients and absolutely no coumarin.  

"Sliced Almonds" (Going Nuts - Calgary, AB)

Raw almonds, perfect for baking or adding to your culinary creations.

Cuffed Linen Tea Towels (Dani & Jordis - Lethbridge, AB)

100% Natural flax linen tea towel with quality cotton decorative cuff. Measures 17" x 29" with a stitched rolled hem and hang loop. Eco-friendly and hypoallergenic. Linen is naturally antibacterial and dries incredibly fast, is stain resistant, and will soften and become more absorbent with use for superior life and performance. 2 pack.

Creamed Honey (Peace River Honey - Guy, AB)

Velvety smooth. Delicately sweet. Simply irresistible. Every delectable drop of our creamed organic honey is made at our family-run apiary in Canada’s pristine Peace River region. Discover the only honey certified as both organic and non-GMO and treat your taste buds to sustainably made sweetness.

Gold Measuring Cups

"Saskatoon Whole Wheat Almond Scones" Recipe Card

 Wooden Crate