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A beautiful and practical gift for anyone who loves to bake.


Gift Includes:

Whole Wheat Flour (Peace Country Milling & Grains - Sexsmith, AB)

Freshly ground, organic whole wheat flour, ground from the finest grains grown in Northern Alberta on certified organic land. Farm to Table. From our family to yours.

Grade A Vanilla Beans (Tribal Vanilla - Calgary, AB)

Like all fruits, vanilla begins with a flower: A single flower that opens up on only one day every year, and if you fail to pollinate it, that’s it. No vanilla bean.​ In 1841, it was discovered that is was possible to manually pollinate the orchid using a sliver of wood or a needle. And that’s how it’s still done today: painstakingly, flower by flower. After this delicate operation, the vanilla farmer must patiently wait for the pod to ripen and darken before it can be harvested. From there, the pod is washed, sorted, cured, and aged for at least a month, each stage of which risks failure. It could easily be a year after its initial harvest before a ready-to-use vanilla pod ends up in your kitchen. Tribal Vanilla beans are grown and cured in the tropical region of Ibanda, Uganda.  We source some of the world's most aromatic Grade A vanilla beans.

"Cinnamon Bun" Candle (Market Candle Co - Newmarket, ON)

Back by popular demand, our former Signature Scent is a rich and bold blend of cinnamon, a hint of dough, and a generous drizzle of vanilla frosting. Pure bakery goodness! Key Scents: Cinnamon | Vanilla | Sugar

  • 100% natural soy wax
  • small batch
  • hand-poured
  • no additives, preservatives or petroleum
  • free from harmful phtalates

Plaid Apron

Gold Measuring Cups

Baking Dish

Wooden Star Ornament