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Chickweed and Clover

Bedtime Body Butter

Bedtime Body Butter

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Our bodies use magnesium in many different ways - heavy work and exercise, chronic pain as well as pregnancy can use up more than we consume, causing a deficiency.

Magnesium deficiency can manifest in several different ways - restless leg syndrome, issues falling and staying asleep, nausea and cramping in pregnancy as well as slower healing and recovery.

It’s formulated with wild rose hip infused almond oil, as vitamin C helps our bodies absorb magnesium, but without any essential oils, as sometimes scents can be hard on expectant mothers. This also makes it a great carrier lotion to be customized to your scent preference.

Rub on the soles of feed before bed, or when restless leg or cramping occurs. Can also be used on arms and legs.

Made by Chickweed and Clover - Sexsmith, AB

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