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Mimi & August

Candle, 3 oz Reusable Vessel

Candle, 3 oz Reusable Vessel

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3 oz: Approx. 15 -20 hours - A speckled gray little cup. The perfect size for your next double espresso. Functional with a unique design, it will bring warmth and pleasure to your morning. If you are not fan of coffee it can be used as a container for your jewelry, small jar of spices for cooking, photophore and more.


Cafecito - Slightly sweet and spicy, this coffee fragrance will remind you of your favorite coffee. Scent: Fragrance notes of coffee, dulce de leche, cacao

Bonfire - We created a candle that (literally) smells like campfire. It's the perfect candle made for your evenings around a campfire and your winter evenings. Scent: Fragrance notes of cedar, vanilla, smoke

Cielo - One of your favorite fragrances is back! With its sweet notes of figs, cassis and amber, it smells of the heaven. Scent: We literally all fell in love with this fragrance, it is both soft and fruity but with a little woody touch almost sweet.

Foresta - You will feel like you are in the middle of a forest of fir trees, for a beautiful holiday atmosphere. Scent: Strong forest smell. Exactly when you enter a Christmas tree market!

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