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Cranberry Spice Cordial (Frostbite Syrup - Squamish, BC)

The one holiday cordial we just can’t make enough of! Full of tart cranberry goodness, this lightly sweet syrup has all the spices you would find in mulled wine, with a surprise kick of black pepper. We keep this in our pantry to make an easy mocktail for the designated driver at all of the holiday parties:

1 oz cordial

6 oz sparkling water

6 frozen cranberries

a sprig of rosemary.


Jalapeno Aioli (Smokeshow - Montreal, QC)

An incredibly delicious aioli made with lightly smoked jalapeño peppers. A great replacement for mayonnaise, try it in a burger, in a potato salad or even as a vegetable dip! Gluten free.  

Original Beef Jerky (MHMT - Cypress County, AB)

We take pride in our distinct product, offering a softer, more flavorful taste experience. The beef is chopped up and formed into our strips and sticks, allowing us to add in much more flavor than other products, as well as giving the jerky it’s signature soft texture allowing people of all ages to enjoy it.

Maple Praline Almonds (Naked Snacks - Richmond, AB)

Maple Praline Almonds are our salute to the Great White North. Thanks for being awesome, Canada! We use the finest maple syrup from Quebec and mix in some praline deliciousness. The two go together like flannel and lumberjacks. These crunchy nuggets are artisanally crafted in small batches using superior grade California almonds. It's not all indulgence though, almonds also help to build and maintain strong bones. 
Ingredients: Dry roasted almonds, Sugars (cane sugar, maple syrup), Natural flavour

6-Piece Boxed Chocolates (Obsession Handmade - Okotoks, AB)

6 pieces of handmade, delicious chocolates.  Caramel and nut flavours and fillings.

Christmas Napkins

Decorative Wooden Crate