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Copy of Teething Rattle, Colorful Leopard

Copy of Teething Rattle, Colorful Leopard

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Large Handheld Teething Rattle. Limited Edition Colors  Our teethers are PROUDLY Third Party Safety tested~ Feel Confident with our teethers~ Great For 3 months + all the way up to 2 and 3 years old, or longer!  The wooden rings, when shaken, clank together and have a soft rattle noise, very appeasing to babies. The combination of wood and silicone provides the perfect sensory mixture of hard and soft textures for baby. The smooth and perfectly squishy silicone beads provides ease while helping to soften the gums, gums,and the wood provides the right amount of hardness to help pop those teeth through, that are sitting right at the surface. ( approx 47' x 47')

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