Loose Leaf Tea, Masala Chai

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Perfect on that chilly day with crisp mountain air, the robust tastes of this hand-blended chai are spicy and sweet based on the same methods used in India’s southern regions.  

In India, spicy chai is often prepared at chai shacks along the side of the road by boiling the tea, spices, water and milk over the stove together for about five minutes, giving a full-bodied flavour. In modern times, copious amounts of sugar are added as well and the tea is served in small cups. Chai is ubiquitous across India, and a staple of every day life there.

Masala chai is also delicious prepared simply with boiling water.

Hand-blended Organic Ingredients: Premium black tea, green cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, whole pod cardamom, and black pepper.

From Natur'el Tea in Banff, AB