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Massage for Couples

Massage for Couples

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There’s nothing like the stress-relieving, mood-lifting comfort of physical touch to bring out the best in your relationship. Whether you are helping a partner with aches and pains or looking to foster intimacy, Massage for Couples will teach you time-honored techniques from around the world that have made massage a staple for relaxation and relationship longevity since ancient times.

Begin by gaining confidence in using your hands to provide a healing touch. Then discover guided massage sequences to soothe, inspire, uplift, relax, or resolve a specific pain point. Support your partner’s well-being and enjoy a healthy, enriching way to spend quality time together.

Inside Massage for Couples, you’ll find:

  • Naturally healing together―Practice a holistic method of experiencing pleasure and providing relief from stress and fatigue.
  • Body wisdom―Educate yourself on some light biology and anatomy lessons that will help you refine your skills and give truly transformative, bliss-inspiring massages.
  • Comfort and connection―Master instructions for resolving specific aches and pains as well as tips for connecting with a partner emotionally.

Learn the healing power of touch to promote wellness and heighten intimacy with Massage for Couples.

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