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Do you know someone who is a bit of a prankster and likes a good brain teaser?  This pack comes with x4 different wood/metal puzzles.


Exploding Outhouse

This exploding outhouse novelty is a great way to prank a friend or relative, surprise and entertain your kids or grandkids with this funny gag gift.  Set the mouse trap, build the outhouse, and have someone deposit a coin to explode the outhouse. 

Ring off the Post Puzzle

The challenge with this puzzle is to remove the ring from the post AND put it back. The puzzle is interesting because the solution is not quick and easy. Even after the solution is given it is still a challenge to solve it on your own.


Rope & Bead Puzzle

You may remember these types of sting and ring or bead puzzles from your own childhood. They have been around for a long time!  A great beginner puzzle.


Bolt & Washer Puzzle

Puzzle yourself or others and test your IQ with this nut, bolt, washer brain teaser. Learn the the trick to this rustic puzzle and show it to your friends or family 


All puzzles made by Jeannine Siebold - Forshee, AB