Soap Bar, Harvest & Pumpkin Patch

Soap Bar, Harvest & Pumpkin Patch

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Handcrafted Soap made from all-natural botanicals.

Calling all Fall lovers! Made with pumpkin puree and all the classic fall spices, this soap is perfect for any Autumn lover who can't get enough of those cozy fall feelings.

If you can't wait to explore your local pumpkin patch or sip on a spiced beverage, get your hands on a bar of Harvest & Pumpkin Patch soap! Cinnamon, clove, vanilla and nutmeg essential oils will satisfy your fall craving every time you lather up.

Our soaps are long-lasting and made with all-natural oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, flax and jojoba oil. To make your bar of soap last much longer, we recommend using a soap dish so that your soap dries out between uses.

Made by Hygge Soap Co - Armstrong, BC