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We created a space where other small businesses, sellers and entrepreneurs can sell their products in a boutique setting. We know that farmer’s markets and craft fairs are not for everyone, and finding appropriately scaled retail space for small businesses can be challenging. The pop-up space within Little Smoky Gift Co. allows you to showcase your product or business without a large commitment.

  • A Versatile Space

    The room is versatile and can be used for:

    • a temporary retail space for someone looking to showcase their products in a brick and mortar store
    • an artist wanting to display and sell their artwork
    • a photographer who would like to set-up “mini” sessions for clients
  • Who Can Use It

    When accepting vendors, we look for things like:

    • creative & unique products
    • cohesive branding & complimentary product offering
    • easy to read signage and labeling
  • How It Works

    The space available for rent is approximately 90 square feet and is essentially a blank canvas with its clean, white walls and moveable shelving, tables, etc.

    Your business/name will be put on the street-facing window, & you will have the option of doing a window display. 

    Once you have been accepted as a vendor, we will make arrangements with you to bring in your product and set it all up. (We're more than happy to help if you would like some assistance). We have tables, shelving, etc. available for you to use, or, bring your own! (4913 50 St. Valleyview)

    We sell your product for you during our regular business hours. (All your product must be priced prior to bringing it into the pop-up space).**

    You pay one flat-rate to rent the space. At the end of your time in the space you will be paid out (your total sales minus the processing fee on sales) by etransfer.

    **DOES NOT APPLY TO DAILY RATES. If you are renting the room on a daily basis, you are responsible to be in the room during business hours and to handle all your own transactions.

Rental Rates

You may choose to rent the space by the week, or by the month (up to 3 consecutive months) 

Daily Room Rate: $25/day*

Weekly Room Rate: $114/week*

Monthly Room Rate: $325/month*

*seasonal rates apply for the months of Nov and Dec. (Daily $30/day, Weekly $164/week, Monthly $375/month)


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Upcoming Pop-Ups

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AUGUST 2, 2024