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Imagine.... it's after supper and the kids are screaming.... wrestling and fighting with each other.  "Who wants a bubble bath?!?!"  In they go into a tub to calm down and get ready for bed...… OR

You have had a long day... you were late getting to work.  You didn't have time to make coffee..... you wanted to choke your boss and you forgot it was your friends birthday TWO days ago.  You need a bubble bath..... bubbles wash it all away.

Our new Bubble Bath is made with a gentle coconut derived surfactant and is PH balanced.  You don't have to worry about what it might do to your or your kids sensitive bits.  Don't worry about coming out of the tub with tight feeling skin either..... we added just a hint of silk to keep you feeling smooth.  Just a few capfuls fills your tub with voluminous, long lasting bubbles!

Citrus Fruit - find this scent blend in our Bubble Scoops as well!  Loved by children and great for making your bathroom smell like citrus candy.  Made with Lemongrass, Bergamot and Grapefruit.


Fresh Wife Soap Company - Stettler, AB