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Little Smoky Gift Co.

"Birthday Girl" Gift Box

"Birthday Girl" Gift Box

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Gift Includes:

  • Caramelized Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt (Jacek Chocolate)

The Jackie embodies the classic taste and sophistication, like a perfectly tailored ‘mami’ pink Chanel suit with pearls of sea salt.

The Base: Caramelized Milk Chocolate
The Embellishments: Sea Salt

Weight: 70g

Contains: Soy. May contain: Tree Nuts, Peanuts, Gluten, Milk.

  • "Confetti" Candle in Reusable Vessel (Mimi & August)

At Mimi & August we have created the perfect candle to celebrate every day of the week! Nothing means celebration time like confetti. With a fruity smell and notes of mandarin it will bring joy to your life. Our zero waste scented candles were created in a way that you can reuse the container endlessly! Made from soy wax, it is the perfect reusable candle, its container can be used as a mug for your favorite beverages or simply as an everyday object!

  • Floral Matchbox Sticks (Mimi & August)

Ignite a little enchantment every time you strike a light with our Mimi matches! These matches aren’t just ordinary sticks. They're little wands of whimsy waiting to sprinkle magic in your every day.

  • Birthday Cake Bath Bomb (Soak Bath Co.)

The Birthday Cake Bath Bomb is the perfect way to spoil someone on their special day! It smells just like your favourite, fluffy buttercream icing. The perfect gift for any birthday. Each of Soak's products are handmade with all-natural, vegan-friendly ingredients. 

  • Nourishing Body Lotion (Rebels Refinery)

This formula is quick-absorbing with a matte finish so you won’t look or feel like a glazed donut. Let the botanical-rich formula make your skin healthier, more elastic and softer.

  • Lip Balm (Apt. 6 Skin Co.)

All natural, moisturizing lip balm.

Kraft gift box, tissue paper, satin ribbon, your choice of box label.

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