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Whiskey Rocks

Whiskey Rocks

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Introducing a timeless classic with a local touch.

Absolutely one-of-a-kind. The ONLY whiskey rocks 100% made and sourced by hand in Canada from a unique form of Limestone found ONLY in the beautiful Bruce Peninsula called Wiartonite. Each stone is hand cut and then painstakingly inspected for defects by The Bruce Rocks.

These sets are the absolute perfect gift for anyone who truly appreciates a high quality glass of their favorite liquor. They come in sets of 8 stones in a drawstring bag. 


You may be thinking - "whiskey... rocks?"

Absolutely! Did you know the term "On the rocks" comes from a time when ice wasn't readily available and so bar keeps would keep a small chest under the counter, partially underground. The boxes would have stones in them that would get chilled by being stored there. When you ordered a cool drink, they would place the rocks in a glass and pour the liquor over them!

Hence the term - "Whiskey on the rocks" !

Nowadays we recognize this as not only a timeless and elegant way to enjoy your favorite drink - but we prize them for chilling our prized (and expensive) favorites without diluting them like ice cubes do!

Grab a set of stone coasters and pair them up for the perfect gift! 

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